CAIRIS server maintenance

If you have shell access to your CAIRIS host, there a number of scripts to aid in general server maintenance. These can be found in cairis/cairis/bin directory.

Calling these scripts with the –help flag will provide detailed information on the parameters they take.

Account management

You can add new accounts using the script. Account names should be email addresses.

./ test "Test user" provides a list of current users.

./ can be used to remove accounts. All accounts will be removed if the parameter used is ‘all’.


The default database associated with CAIRIS accounts can sometimes get corrupted due to destructive operations (e.g. importing models) being interrupted. To re-create the default database for an account, you can use the script

./ --reload 1

If you set the reload parameter 1 then CAIRIS will attempt to export the contents of the default database, and – once the default database has been re-created – attempt to re-import it. This can sometimes fail if the model contains reserved characters, but this can be overridden by setting the ignore_validity parameter to 1.

Importing and exporting models

Models can be imported using the script. The below command, which is run from cairis/cairis/bin, imports the ACME Water sample model into the default database of the user.

./ --user --database default --type package --overwrite 1 ../../examples/exemplars/NeuroGrid.cairis

The script can be used to export models.

./ --user --database default --type package /tmp/NG.cairis

Backing up and restoring servers creates a tarball containing exported model packages for all the default databases on a CAIRIS server, and a copy of the password hashes for each account.

./ /tmp/backup140221.tar

If you have a clean CAIRIS server (i.e. with no accounts setup), you can use to recreate the accounts and account contents from a backup tarball.

./ /tmp/backup140221.tar