Importing and Exporting models

Importing models

You can import models by selecting the System / Import Model menu, selecting the model type to import, and the model file itself.

import model form

You will usually want to stick with the Model package (.cairis) option to import .cairis files. .cairis files are zip archives with a model file, any supplemental locations and architectural pattern models, and all the image files associated with the model.

You can, alternatively, select the Model file (.xml) option, which imports a standard CAIRIS XML model file (as defined by the DTD in If you select this option, you can choose to overwrite an existing model (the default option) or you can incrementally import the contents of a model file into a pre-existing model.

You can also import other types of model into your current working project.

Model type DTD (in Model elements
Project data cairis.dtd Project background, goal, scope, rich picture, naming conventions, contributors, revisions
Requirements goals.dtd domain properties, goals, obstacles, requirements, use cases, and countermeasures
Risk analysis riskanalysis.dtd roles, assets, vulnerabilities, attackers, threats, risks, responses, asset associations
Usability usability.dtd personas, external documents, document references, concept references, persona characteristics, task characteristics, tasks
Misusability misusability.dtd concept references, task characteristics
Associations associations.dtd manual associations, goal associations, dependencies
Threat and Vulnerability Types tvtypes.dtd vulnerability types, threat types
Domain Values domainvalues.dtd threat values, risk values, countermeasure values, security values, likelihood values, motivation values, capability values
Threat and Vulnerability Directory directory.dtd vulnerability directory entries, threat directory entries
Security Pattern securitypattern.dtd security patterns
Architectural Pattern architectural_pattern.dtd architectural patterns
Attack Pattern attack_pattern.dtd attack patterns
Synopsis synopsis.dtd characteristic synopses, reference synopses, step synopses, reference contributions, usecase contributions
Assets template_assets.dtd template assets
Processes processes.dtd CSP process elements (used by desktop application only)
Locations locations.dtd locations
Dataflows dataflow.dtd dataflows and trust boundaries
Stories stories.dtd User stories
Attack Tree (Dot) N/A Graphviz (Dot) representation of an attack tree (Data Flow Diagram) N/A drawn DFD (Asset Model) N/A drawn asset model
User goals (Workbook) N/A CAIRIS generated Excel workbook with user goals and contributions

Exporting models

export model form

To export a model, select the System / Export Model option. Exporting the current model renders the current CAIRIS database you are working with as a CAIRIS XML model (conforming to cairis_model.dtd). You can also export a selected architectural pattern, the security patterns currently loaded into CAIRIS, or a GRL model for a selected environment and task; this GRL can be imported into jUCMNav.