CAIRIS supports the modelling of strategic dependencies between roles, where these dependers depend on dependees for a dependum (goals, assets, or tasks).

Adding, updating, and deleting a dependency

Dependency form

Viewing dependencies

Dependencies can be viewed by Responsibility models by clicking on the Models/Responsibility menu, and selecting the environment to view the environment for.

dependency in responsibility model

Dependencies are indicated by the rounded arrows that flow from the depender to the dependee through the dependum.

Introducing Personal data into CAIRIS using dependencies

Personal data can be recognised in CAIRIS by carrying out the following steps.

  1. Create or edit a Data Subject role, and associate with this with a new persona; this could represent the natural person whose data is subject to processing, or a data controller or processor from another system contributing this data. The persona will be useful for capturing any assumptions or expectations this entity might have.
  2. Create or edit a Data Controller role.
  3. Create a dependency between the Data Subject dependee role and the Data Controller depender, where the dependum is a newly created or existing asset that you wish to designate as personal data.