CAIRIS databases

Default database

Each installation of CAIRIS comes with a cairis_default database. If you or your team are using CAIRIS to work on a single project at any given time then you shouldn’t need to worry about additional databases.

Using other databases

There might be times when it might be helpful to setup multiple databases. For example, the live demo on has two exemplar databases that people can interact with to see different examples of CAIRIS projects.

To create a new database, select the System/New Database menu, and enter the name for a new database. After a few moments, a new database will be created and your CAIRIS application will point to this database.

To open cairis_default or another database, select the System/Open Database menu, and select the name of an existing database. After a few moments, your CAIRIS application will point to the chosen database.

You can delete a database by selecting the System/Delete Database option, and selecting the name of the database you want to remove. You cannot delete the database you currently have open. Please note that any CAIRIS user can interact or delete any CAIRIS database - including cairis_default!